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After years of working in the commercial and residential concrete industry whilst studying to be a journalist, the Founder of Sorrento Stone, Brett Mongan realised that the challenge and the creative lure of working with decorative concrete was something that he simply could not turn his back on. Sorrento Stone was born and has since become one of the most trusted concrete contractors in Perth.



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Finest Quality

We guarantee an exceptional level of craftsmanship - a result of over 10 years of experience and care for the quality of every project.

Structural Reliability

We understand that structure is just as important as aesthetics. All of our concrete pours are 100mm thick with F52 reinforcing steel mesh, foam able-flex to adjacent walls and re-entry bars across corners to strengthen weak points.

Client satisfaction

We pride ourselves on never leaving a job without a happy customer and we stop at nothing to ensure that we exceed expectations.

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