Our Concrete Selection

Our recommended range of concrete mixes as pictured below


Polished Boab, Holcim

Exposed Boab, Holcim

Exposed Black Sheoak, Holcim

Exposed Black Blackbutt, Holcim

Exposed Bluegum, Holcim

Exposed Eucalyptus, Holcim

Exposed Jarrah, Holcim

Exposed Magnolia, Holcim

Exposed Spinifex, Holcim

Exposed Jackwood, Holcim

Exposed Grevillea, Holcim

Polished Tuart, Holcim

Polished Jackwood, Holcim

Exposed Wandoo, Holcim

Exposed Jacaranda, Holcim

Polished Waratah, Holcim

Polished Wandoo, Holcim

Polished Jacaranda, Holcim

Polished Grevillea, Holcim

Limestone, Holcim

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